Get Your Boiler or Hot Water Tank Ready for Another Calgary Winter

If you live in Calgary you know how unpredictable the winter can be. One day you’re so cold your nose is frozen shut and the next day a Chinook blows into town and you’re sweating. Sure, it’s nice not to have to wear a jacket in the middle of winter, but those sudden changes in temperature can really take their toll on pipes, boilers and hot water tanks.

Winterizing Your Boiler or Hot Water Tank

The following tips can help you avoid costly problems down the road:

  • Insulate pipes—Make sure that intake and outtake pipes are properly insulated. Not only will this protect them from freezing during Calgary’s harsh winter, but it also improves energy efficiency.
  • Keep the tank warm—If your tank is powered by electricity, you may be able to add an extra layer of insulation around the outside of the hot water tank. This can improve your tank’s heat retention, especially if the tank is situated in a cold area of the house.
  • Keep vents clear—If you have a gas-powered hot water tank or boiler, you’ll need to keep the air vents free from blockage like leaves, snow and small animals looking for warmth.
  • Check the system—No matter how your hot water tank or boiler is powered, you should verify that the system is working properly and that there are no leaks.
  • Get a replacement—If you’ve had your hot water tank or boiler for more than 15 years, it may be time for a replacement.

Have You Flushed Your Hot Water Tank or Boiler Lately?

Over time, the calcium that is naturally found in Calgary’s water can accumulate on the bottom of your water storage tank. Calcium sediment can cause serious damage and interfere with the tank’s ability to heat water. Flushing the tank every 2 years will prolong the life of your hot water tank or boiler and save you a huge repair bill down the road.

Not sure how to do it? Call us! We can help you keep your hot water tank or boiler running smoothly all winter or we can replace it with a more energy efficient model. Commercial Mechanical services your plumbing, heating and gas fitting needs all year round.

Don’t let the winter slow down your renovation or home repair plans. Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll help you no matter how cold it gets outside!


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