Do Your Drains Need Professional Cleaning?

Drains do more dirty work in a day than the rest of your home does in a year. Soap, hair, skin flakes, grease and food particles travel through pipes again and again. This constant assault can eventually lead to a clogged drain that won’t budge no matter what you try. Bringing in a professional drain cleaning service—in Calgary, Commercial Mechanical Services is here to help—may be what’s needed to resolve the situation.

5 Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Drains

Just what are the signs you have a clogged drain? Some of these may seem obvious, but others could surprise you.

  1. Your sink or tub takes a long time to empty
  2. Your toilet is overflowing
  3. Your toilet isn’t filling with the usual amount of water
  4. The sink or toilet is gurgling and possibly filling with bubbles
  5. There is an unpleasant odour emanating from your drain(s)

Just one of the above listed scenarios can be good reason to give your Calgary plumber a call. Commercial Mechanical Services caters to plumbing needs in Calgary, Chestermere, Cochrane and other nearby areas. We’re always happy to show up when you need us, though you may wish to give a few other things a try first before checking out our drain cleaning services:

Plunge to Unclog Drains

When attempting to eradicate a clog, a plunger is your best friend. Fill your sink or tub with several inches of water and then place the plunger over the drain. In a burst of quick repetitions, plunge up and down several times, release, and then start again. Try this three or four times. With a bit of luck, water will commence draining. If it’s a double sink, plug the opposing sink with a wet rag. Similarly, if it’s a bathroom sink with a drain hole, plug the drain hole with a wet rag. Plunging can also aid with a clogged toilet.

Remove Debris

Sometimes a clog is the result of debris that’s easily removed or dispersed. For example, in a bathtub, hair and soap scum can sometimes form a nest that’s retrievable with a bent wire hanger. If this is the area you’re troubleshooting, it’s may be worth trying this method. Similarly, your toilet may have an object lodged inside that you can disencumber with a bent hanger. Kitchen sinks may also have debris that can be cleared. Try pouring a litre or two of scalding hot water down the drain. If that doesn’t work, you can toss in a tablespoon of baking soda followed by a ¼ cup of vinegar, followed by another dose of scalding hot water. This solution can sometimes break down grease related clogs.

When DIY Drain Cleaning Solutions Don’t Work

In Calgary, drain cleaning is just a phone call away. Commercial Mechanical Services will be there lickety-split to lend a hand. Call us for all your drain cleaning and plumbing needs. Commercial Mechanical Services has been Calgary’s and Alberta’s trusted plumber for over 15 years, with experience in all types of plumbing problems.


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