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15 Things That Should Never Go in the Drain

We may often imagine our sink drains to be insatiable sinkholes, always ready to swallow more and whisk away our discarded food and trash. The truth is that they are deceptively fragile things, easily clogged and jammed, which lead to drain cleaning being required. What’s more, these clogs and jams can often lead to costly damages which might require a plumber in Calgary. And it’s not only our pipes, septic systems and wallets that can suffer, but some of those things we watch swirl away in our drains can have a terrible impact on our ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at the 15 worst drain dangers in your home, courtesy of the drain cleaning specialists at Commercial Mechanical Services, your plumber in Calgary.

Eggshells and coffee grinds. These easily turn into granular waste, mixing in with greases and oils to choke the very life out of your pipes.

Fat, oils and grease. Whether from poultry or meat trimmings, butter or cheese, fat won’t go away no matter how much hot water you run into the drain after them. Same goes for oils-peanut, canola, olive or otherwise-and that bacon grease from breakfast. Similarly, gravy and other grease will just mix in with granular waste and clog up your pipes.

Kitty litter. Even the flushable kind can leave a huge mess in your pipes. It’s also terrible for the ecosystem: cat litter can carry with it cat feces, which means parasites that are not destroyed in water treatment and can cause diseases in various marine life forms.

Paper towels, cotton swabs and flushable wipes. Composting these super absorbers is a better idea than sending them swirling down your drain to cause clogs. They’ll simply absorb the water or other liquids, puff up with self importance, and give you and your plumber in Calgary headaches.

Condoms and stickers. Latex doesn’t dissolve in water. If they don’t snag and cause traffic jams in your pipes, they’ll float away and cause headaches for the ecosystem. Same for stickers which can easily block filters or litter our waterways.

Car fluids, cleaning products, paint and medication. Transmission fluids, motor oil, antifreeze and other such mechanical fluids can have a devastating impact on your home plumbing, but even more so on the environment. Similarly, the chemicals such as phosphate and antibacterial agents can wreak havoc on the ecosystems. Your municipality may have strict regulations regarding the disposal of latex or oil paints, the latter usually requiring disposal at a specific facility. Finally, the ingredients that make your medicine good for you can really mess with Mother Nature. Consider taking those to a disposal facility instead.

When not flushing is caring in Calgary

Take care of your pipes and the world around you. For more information or tips on how to properly dispose of these things, or for the help of a Calgary specialist or plumber in drain cleaning, give us a call at Commercial Mechanical Services or visit our website!