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Hot Water Boilers in Calgary

One way to heat your home is with a boiler. A boiler actually boils water and turns it into steam, which is then dispersed through your home to heat different rooms. Commercial Mechanical Services provides expert boiler installations, repairs, replacements and more for residential and commercial clients in the Greater Calgary Area. 

When it comes to boilers, Calgary relies on our highly skilled and trained heating technicians to get the job done right—on-time, on-budget and exactly to your overall satisfaction. We’d be more than happy to show you the difference between using a hot water boiler system versus a forced-air furnace and how switching may be beneficial to your budget.

Installation, Repairs & More

Don’t wait until your boiler is causing major flooding in your home to get it repaired. The instant you notice something like a small leak or an electronic fault on the system, repairs are necessary. Commercial Mechanical Services offers installations of new boilers as well as repairs for boilers in Calgary. 

While a small leak or electronic issue can be easily repaired by a heating expert, instances such as pilot light problems and strange smells coming from your boiler may mean that you need to replace your failing boiler. 

Benefits of Boilers

Boilers are capable of heating both the rooms of your home and the water you use to wash dishes and more. When combined with the right equipment, boilers can convert water into hot water or steam, allowing them to perform the jobs of hot water tanks and furnaces.

Providing hydronic radiant heat, boilers heat water and circulate it through copper or PEX tubing that can be fed through radiators and baseboard heaters or can be hidden in walls and floors. When compared to other water and air heating appliances, boilers offer several benefits:

 Comfort: The radiant heat offered by boilers in Calgary is more comfortable than furnaces because it is even (especially when in an in-floor radiant heating system) throughout every section of your home. Rather than the top floors being hotter than lower floors, boilers allow each room to feel similar in temperature. 

 Sound: Unlike furnaces, boilers are silent machines. Rather than using a blower motor to send heated air through your home, boilers silently send heated water through tubing in your home. 

 Cleanliness: Furnaces blow air through your home, and along with that air they blow dust and allergens. Boilers don’t do this, which limits the number of allergens in the air and keeps your home cleaner.

 Control: Boilers are easier to control by zone than other heating units because the offer user-friendly programming and zoning capabilities. This allows you to distinguish different heating zones in your home based on living patterns so you can heat the rooms you’re in the most and not waste energy heating rooms no one goes in.

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Whether you need a new boiler installed or an emergency boiler repair or replacement, you can be confident in the high level of customer service afforded by Commercial Mechanical Services. Contact us today for a free quote in the Greater Calgary Area!

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